Air Duct Cleaning Before You Rent Your House

Giving your house out on rent can mean extra income. However, before you give
your house out on rent, you need to make sure that it is livable. This includes
getting the house remodeled, repainted or may even have to get some construction
done. The one thing that many landlords forget to get done is air duct cleaning.
But here are some reasons why you should get air duct cleaning done before
renting your house.

– Fresher Smelling House

When the air ducts in a house are dirty, there is an unattractive, musty odor
that can put off possible renters. Getting air duct cleaning done will improve
the smell in the house, which means you will attract more prospective

– Sensitive Renters will be Happy

The dust and other debris in dirty air ducts can impact the quality of air in
your house, and people with allergies or asthma will find it difficult to live in
such an environment.
You can really improve the air quality in your home just by getting air duct
cleaning done. This means that even the more sensitive tenants will be
willing to rent your house.

– Higher Rental Price

When you get air duct cleaning done along with all the other renovations or
repairs, your house will be much more attractive to prospective renters. This
means that you will be able to get a higher rent.

– Well-Kept House

When a house smells fresh and clean, the perception is that your house is
well-kept. This also creates a perception that you are considerate and people
are always on the lookout for such responsible landlords.
And when you start on a positive footing with a future renter, chances are
that both you and your tenant will have a better relationship.

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