Air Duct Cleaning Before You Sell a House

When selling a home, many people put some work into sprucing up the house to
increase its value. Walls are repainted, repairs are made and some people even
renovate their homes. One aspect of home maintenance, however, tends to get
neglected – the air duct system.
Before you sell your house, you should carry out thorough air duct cleaning. And
here are reasons why:

– Clean Air

Accumulated dust or particles in your air duct system can lead to allergies
and asthma getting aggravated. People who suffer from these conditions
would be delighted to find a home with a clean air system, and would be
willing to pay for such a home.

– Cleaning Out Remodeling Debris

If you have had your house remodeled or had any construction done, then air
duct cleaning will take care of all the leftover debris such as saw dust as well
as other raw materials.

– Pet Allergy

If your prospective buyer is allergic to dogs or cats, and you have had a pet
living in that home, then air duct cleaning can get rid of quite a bit of the pet
dander that causes allergies, thereby making your home a more attractive

– A Well-Kept Home

Prospective buyers will appreciate the fact that not only did you take care of
cleaning or remodeling your home, but you also ensured that the air quality
inside your home was the best.
When they enter your home, it will smell fresh, which goes a long way in
impressing buyers. And a thorough air duct cleaning can achieve that for

– Efficient Air System

A buyer will be much happier knowing that the air cooling and heating
system is efficient and well taken-care of. This means that he or she will
have to spend less on getting air duct cleaning done.

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