How to Get Your House Ready For An Airduct Cleaning

Every good contractor should have a contingency plan to keep your furniture and the residences
safe as they clean your air ducts. However, as the homeowner, you should make the necessary
preparations ahead too. What exactly are the things that you should do before your scheduled
airduct cleaning appointment? Here are some tips to get your house ready for this thorough
cleaning process.

1. Prepare the workspace ahead

By workspace, we mean the space where your contractors will be operating their
cleaning system. By clearing this ahead for them, they should be able to save more time
in tidying up and spend more time doing their actual jobs.

2. Secure your pets

Ideally, you should take your pet out when the contractors come to clean up your air
ducts. However, if this is not possible, then talk with your contractor about their process.
Ask them if they are going to be cleaning the vent per room. This way, you can transfer
your pet(s) to whichever room that they won’t be servicing at the moment.

3. Keep the fire extinguisher visible

You can never be too sure with intricate cleaning processes such as air duct cleaning.
To make sure that your house is safe, leave the fire extinguisher in an area where the
contractors can easily locate it. Or, better yet, inform your contractors where they can
find it. Don’t forget to leave them with contact details in case something happens too.

4. Secure your children

Airduct cleaning can be a noisy and dirty affair. So, if you can, keep your children away
from the house while the cleaning takes place. If this is an impossible task, then at least
let them know ahead what is going on and what they should expect during the whole

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