Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Look around your house–the floors are squeaky clean, you’ve just changed your curtains, and
everything looks to be in order. You’ve done a good job of keeping your home clean and safe,
but are you absolutely sure that everything is as dust-free as they should be?

Despite your regular efforts at cleaning, you might be overlooking one place: your air duct.
These are the gateways for bacteria, allergens, and dander to infiltrate your house, so it’s
important to make sure that they are regularly cleaned.

Is it time for airduct cleaning in your home? Here are 4 telltale signs that point to a resounding

1. You’re starting to see mold around the house

You’ve spotted some growth or two, so why wait any longer? In your pipes, your air
conditioning units, your furnaces–these are the places the usually develop
condensation. This also means that these will be the areas that will likely develop mold
once your air ducts don’t work as efficiently as they use to.
Now, of course, an inefficient air duct isn’t the only culprit to mold growth, but it’s still
worth a shot if you ask us.

2. You just can’t keep your house dust-free

You dust your belongings only to be rewarded with another thick layer of it by the end of
the day. You’ve dusted and re-dusted but you just can’t seem to keep your house clean.
Our diagnosis: it could be a dusty air vent. It simply circulates the dust around your
house, making it a vicious cycle of dusting.

3. Your heating/cooling bills are skyrocketing

If you notice that your bill is noticeably higher than the previous years, then it might be
time to get some serious air duct cleaning. This is because clogged air ducts make your
furnace or air conditioning system work harder, thus expending more energy.